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Gloria Victis

TBA 2014

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Gloria Victis is an Immersive Realistic Medieval Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. An Epic Open World Environment, Skill-based Combat, Sandboxed Crafting System,Non-linear Quest Lines, Dynamic Seasons and Varying Weather Conditions are just some of the features that Gloria Victis will offer.

You will be thrown into an enthralling world as soon as you set foot in the game, a world marred by decades of civil war, regicide and religious turmoil. Do you wish to wait out this turmoil in the woods as a hunter? Or do you wish to seize your own fate by taking up arms and fighting for Honour and Glory? Peasant, Yeoman, Merchant, Artisan, Aristocrat, Noble, Royalty or Legend, the choice is Yours. How will You make your name in the world?

Gloria Victis offers an in-depth reputation system where every action the player chooses to commit or refrains from committing and every dialogue choice will have an effect. Whether it is you choose to play as a Scoundrel skirting authority and committing dark deeds or to live a life as an Honourable Knight held in high esteem by all, the choice is entirely yours. You choose what tales you wish to write in the world of Gloria Victis.

Gloria Victis is developed by an independent and most importantly passionate team which means that we will be able to place player interests first without the leash of fiscal demands holding us back. As such we will consult fellow gamers in the process of the development of the game, to suggest concepts and decide game mechanics to create a game that truly belongs to the players as must as it belongs to the developers. As such our motto is To develop a Game by Gamers, with Gamers and for Gamers.

So ready yourself and gather together your Friends, Family, Warband or Nation and embark into the world of Gloria Victis together, you will certainly need them in this Dark and Cutthroat Medieval World!

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