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Luria Online

TBA 2014

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The game is an open world multi-player RPG played across many different, varying environments. The player takes the place of an adventurer that has to learn a variety of different skills in conjunction with other players in order to defeat the primary antagonists. Luria-Online uses a skill gain system instead of a class based experience system.

Open Skill System
The players skills will primarily be increased by practicing the feature tied to the skill, though items can be looted from downed enemies to boost the speed in which this is accomplished. The skill system is comprised of 600 points with each separate skill being maxed out at 100 points. The player will have the option of splitting his skill template into more than 6 slots, thereby creating more space for different skills but leading to the effect of being a jack of all trades, being able to do everything but being the master of none.

Also tied to the skill system is a crafting ability, in which the player can choose to train a skill in making items for other players. If he so desired, the player could choose to take all 6 default skill slots as crafting, and manage a completely different styled character then someone more combat and mission oriented.

The skills are completely open in the game to players can choose to specialize in virtually any type of gameplay. However, some skills will work better with others.

Also involved as a core part of combat is the Talent system. Talents are the games special moves mechanic. These might have a minimum skill requirement to use, and may be gained as a result of training a skill or looted from enemies, in the same way that loot can yield skill boosts.

The game also has an emphasis on server wide events at certain points during gameplay. For instance, for first time achievements on a server or regularly at a certain point of the story a scripted event might happen that would alter the world in some way.

Groups and raids
Also involved with both phases of play is the notion of team raids in groups of varying sizes. The multi-group raids that are found throughout the game are often combined into two different stages, where some parts require players specializing in stealth combat whereas others may require more melee combat skills.

Players will have a list of open games that they may join or have the option to create a game for their specific needs. Several open world and auction/trade games will always be running without the need for players to create them.
The players may make games that will be either open world, player verses player, instance, or heroic.
Open world will be able to hold a maximum of 24 players and will not have password or player verses player options.
Instance games will also be for player housing and auction/trade games. These games will always be the same as open world with a maximum of 100 players and be open to all.

The auction system will be accessible across all open games.

The LURIA-Online Theme:

Special features

Player characters as your Companions.
With multi-character control (MCC), players are able to command up to four characters simultaneously. No longer limited to playing one character at a time, players can instantly switch between their favorite character classes or control them all at once.

A hero is an NPC who can be added to a party to act in place of a human player. In this game you will be able to use your alternate characters as your hero's. Players will simply make a character and save it then make another.
When the player make enough characters to form a group (4) they choose a character then select to bring out his alternate characters as hero's. They will all get the same experience and skill gains. All quests done with the group will update each characters saved records as well as each character will get to pick a reword for any quest completed. This feature will let players level and advance all their characters at the same time.

AI tactical setting.
Each character will have an AI menu that will allow players to set ten conditions and actions for their character to function when they are not being directly controlled by the player. This system will be much like the companion system in the Dragon Age games except in this game the system will be used for all the players characters. There will also be a 4 slot combination system with 4 slots to set the characters most used abilities in sequence.

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