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Hypejar Basics

A quick tour of how Hypejar works!

What's a Hype?

Hype or Meh is your take on future products. Do you think it will succeed? Do you think it has potential? Your Hype or Meh will influence our algorithm on whether it is a highly anticipated product or not!

Jar your favourite products!

Jars are where you organize your favourite products or ones that you want to track. Organize them however you want! You can also get notifications on the products you jar to keep up-to-date on the latest news about your product.

Follow fellow enthusiasts that interests you!

Follow people and jars to get the latest news about their jars and products. Follow the curators you like best and get updated with what new products they pick out!

Hypejar Ettiquette

The following are a few simple guidelines Hypejar users should adhere to.

  1. Respect fellow Hypejar users

    Be nice to each other! Hypejar is a community for healthy and constructive debates – let’s keep it that way!

  2. Contribute to the community

    Hypejar is a community intended to gather and compile the world’s upcoming movies, video games, TV series and gadget products. If you have fresh information on a cool new product, you have the chance to be the first to share it with the world on Hypejar.

  3. Be a pioneer

    The larger our community is, the better Hypejar will function for everyone. Please spread the word and invite your friends!

  4. Use your judgment

    Hypejar has a zero tolerance policy for products, content, comments that are inappropriate for Hypejar (false, adult-related, offensive, etc). Please use your judgment to decipher what is appropriate and what is not, and help keep Hypejar a clean, positive, and fun space for all.

Does your product belong on Hypejar?

  1. Mass consumer products only

    Products that are designed for an audience that is not restricted by geography or ethnicity. The product must be saleable and consumable by anyone from anywhere on Earth!

  2. FUTURE release date

    All newly entered products MUST have a future release date. Products with past release dates are not permitted as a new entry. Products that do not yet have a release date can be entered with a TBA release date.

  3. No speculative products

    Products must not be purely speculative. In other words, there must be enough indication that the product will in fact be releasing. Products entered based on speculation or rumors will be taken off the site until official announcement from the product's developers.

  4. Duplicate products

    Please make sure the product that you are entering is not already on Hypejar. The first product to be validly entered will stand - any other repeats or duplicates will be removed.

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